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Sterilizer ,Warmer & Thermal
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  •   DRYER - for drying function only. You may choose drying process of 41 or 51 minutes
  •   STERILIZE - for sterilising function only. You may choose sterilisation process of 11,16 or 21 minutes
  •    AUTO - for both drying and sterilising functions. You can may auto process of 51 or 61 minutes
  •   STORAGE -  to keep all items in clean and sterilised condition. A short 2-minute sterilization cycle within every 2 hours (up to 72hours) to keep items germ free during this storage period.
  • Made of safe and high quality materials such as Die Casting Heater to ensure fast heating and longer life span of the product
  • Made from BPA free materials
  • Wide opening, can fit most sizes of bottles
  • Fast warming time
  • 3 Adjustable temperature
  • Can warm baby food and feeding bottles 
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Large capacity for 6 bottles and accessories including breast pump parts
  • Fast sterilization in 6 minutes (use 90ml of water)
  • Fast Drying in 40 minutes
  • Digital LCD display with different working modes and time to meet different needs
  • Made of safe and high quality materials such as Die Casting Heater to ensure fast heating and longer life span of the product
  • Sterilizer - Large capacity for 6 bottles and accessories including breast pump parts
  • Sterilizer - Fast sterilization in 6 minutes (use 90ml ofwater)
  • Sterilizer - Made of safe and high quality materials
  • 65° Low heat - PTC Drying Technology
  • 4 Modes - Auto Mode, Sterilized, Drying & Storage
  • Philips UV Purification Lamp
  • HEPA Filter - Eliminates 99.9% airbone contaminants
  • 360° UV - Captures and eliminates 99.9% of germs
  • Smart one-touch operation
  • Bigger Capacity 17L
  • Easy to replace Double UV-C Germicidal lamp from Philips
  • Powerful UV-C wavelength (254MM)
  • Smart one-button operation (automatic, sterilizer, drying, storage)
  • Fault indicator
  • Low heat PTC ceramic drying
  • Twin deodorizing high speed and quick-drying fans
  • Dual HEPA filter can effectively block harmful particles
  • 360°(six sides) stainless steel reflective panels
  • Addiction door shelf for small items
  • Smart cable organization
  • The safetest & easier way to sterilize baby feeding bottles / accessories, feeding containers & nursery products


  • Allows to warm feeding bottles as well as baby food jars and tins safely and quickly
  •  Can be used at home as well as in the car
  •  It works with or without water
  • BPA-free non-toxic parts are easy to clean and maintain.


  • Sterilizing 
  • egg steaming 
  • food/bottle warming
  • stainless steel heat plate
  • great capacity
  • food grade material
  • high efficiency
  • Warms milk & baby food easily at home and in the car Safe   -
  • Heats gently and gradually
  • Easy to Use
  • Add water and adjust the settings Ideal for all types of feeds  
  • For milk & baby food from the freezer, fridge or room temperature
  • Fits most bottles and baby food jar   -
  • Wide enough to fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Dr Browns, etc
  • - Portable, compact & easy to use
  • - Charge by Type-C cable
  • - 4 hours required to fully charge
  • - Automatic keep warm when reach temperature
  • - Less reheating with temperature control up to 6 hours
  • - Warm milk in just 8-10 minutes (depends on the volume of milk)
  • - 3 different temperature settings
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Sterilizes in 10 minutes
  • Fits 5 Philips Avent bottles
  • Space saving 2-in-1 design
  • Ideal for travel use
  • For parents who regard proper hygiene as paramount concern for their babies
  • No rinsing required after sterilization
  • Solution can be reused within 24 hours
  • 1 tablet can be fully dissolved with 2.3 litres of water in cold or lukewarm water, in non-metallic container
  • 3 in 1 function for warming milk, heating food and sterilization 
  • You can heat up water and milk food at the same time with double bottles
  • Efficient PTC heating body and low energy ensure a speed for 5 minutes
  • Precise thermostat technology can be heated automatically and evenly
  • BAP free material ensure your baby safe to use
  • Intimate dust-proof cover can prevent the mosquito and dust from entering
  • Triple fan system
  • Reduce drying time *One Ventilation fan & 2 drying fans
  • Microfiber prefilter
  •  Clean air circulation
  •  Dual UV lamp for perfect sterilization
  •  40°C maintenance temperature sensor
  • Storage system remain sterile
  •  One-touch control easy operation
  •  The design with indentation without elbows on the surface of the stainless steel, Spectra UV can reflect UV light almost perfectly on all surfaces of sterilized objects
  • • Warms baby milk bottles and food jars in just 4 minutes
  • • Warming times depend upon capacity and starting temperature of feed. Warming time of 4 minutes is based on heating a 150ml serving of milk from ambient room temperature (20°C).
  • • Gentle warming helps preserve essential nutrients . Fits most brands of bottles and food jars . Warms breast milk, formula and baby food to body temperature . Automatic timer works out optimum warming time

• Designed to be fast, fuss-free and easy to use, making it almost effortless to keep bottles, teats and feeding accessories safe and free from harmful germs
• Sterilises up to 6 bottles in 5 minutes by 80ml water
• Fits most bottles, soothers/pacifiers and breast pump accessories
• 100% natural steam envelopes every surface and kills 99.9% of harmful germs
• Contents stay sterile for 24 hours with lid closed
• 2-tier stackable tray can also be used as a drying rack
• Easy-lift handles keep hands away from steam
• One button start and auto shut-off for safety
• BPA free